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Name: IR 4 way Expander board
Code: IR 4 way Expander board
Category: Multiroom systems
Brand: Multiroom
Price: $152.00

The IRB-4 provides a convenient connecting point for a remote relay system, eliminating hardwiring. Multiple IRTargets can be connected in parallel (up to 12) to the screw down connector. We recommend running 4 conductor "home runs" from each room to the equipment stack and either connect directly to the IRB-4 or use our IR-TB termination block as shown on the manual. Each emitter and power supply have their own plug-in jacks. Additional emitters can be used from the auxiliary emitter jack. Utilizing the Audioplex IRS-1, up to (4) additional hardwired emitters can be used.

For trouble-free single zone infrared systems, the Audioplex IRB-4 can't be beat!

4 Way IR Hub spec sheet

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