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Name: B&W - Marantz ST83CM9
Code: ST83CM9
Category: 2 Channel Systems (Stereo)
Brand: B&W
Price: Price on enquiry


1 X Marantz SA8003 (CD/SACD Player)
1 X Marantz PM8003 (2 X 70 Watts integrated amp)
1 Pair X B&W CM9 (Floorstanding speakers)

Stands not included


 If the Marantz PM8003 were a boxer and not an integrated amplifier, it would automatically top the 'best pound-for-pound' ratings.  That's because it possesses a rare combination of power and finesse that results in totally fulfilling music reproduction.  From its elegant appearance to its refined circuitry, the PM8003 is convincing to listen to and convenient to use.  In short, it's simply another Marantz legend in the making.

  • Sophisticated new aluminum/reinforced resin front panel
  • Fully discrete current-feedback amplifier
  • Fully discrete constant current feedback phono preamplifier
  • HDAM-SA3 circuits
  • Double-shielded large capacity Toroidal power transformer
  • Marantz-custom power supply capacitors
  • Short power line layout
  • High instantaneous peak current capability
  • Audiophile-grade semiconductors throughout
  • Separate input buffer for exclusive CD/for Common other inputs
  • Power amp direct input & Pre Out
  • Gold plated rear panel terminals
  • Triple layer bottom chassis

View the Marantz PM8003 Info Sheet


Think of the SA8003 SA-CD/CD player as the beneficiary of continuous refinement. As good as previous Marantz disc players were, the SA8003 moves several steps closer to that elusive Holy Grail that transports you to a vivid live performance. From its new disc tray and USB port to Marantz's exclusive HDAM® circuitry, the SA8003 is your window into the souls of your favorite performers.

  • Sophisticated new aluminum/reinforced resin front panel
  • Xyron High rigid disc tray, base and precision drive
  • MP3/WMA playback capability for CD-R and CD-RW discs
  • USB input for Music playback by USB memory or iPod Digital Connection  *1, *2, *3 
  • Separate power supply and audio circuit boards
  • Double-shielded Toroidal power transformer
  • Audio circuits with HDAM®-SA2
  • Audiophile-grade selected components
  • High performance Cirrus Logic D/A converter CS4398
  • Headphone output with current buffer amplifier
  • Double layer bottom chassis
  • Machined chassis-mount analog outputs with zero-impedance copper plate
  • Copper shielded digital output circuit
  • Power Standby, Detachable Power Cord
  • Hand held remote controller

View the SA8003 Info Sheet


If it's hard to put the sound of the CM9 into words, that's just as well. This top-of-the-range floorstanding speaker will fill even the largest domestic spaces with music so richly detailed, and so startlingly lifelike, that it will leave you speechless.

The three-way CM9 delivers truly commanding bass with the aid of twin 165mm paper/Kevlar® cone drive units. An FST® driver, with its characteristic compression surround supporting the outer edge of the distinctive Kevlar® cone, is specially developed for outstanding midrange performance. The CM9's Nautilus tube-loaded aluminium dome tweeter keeps high frequencies crisp and sharp all the way up to 50kHz and beyond.

The quality of CM Series drive units has made it possible to use minimalist crossovers throughout the whole range. The resulting gentle transition between drivers avoids the unnaturally rapid changes in dispersion that bedevil more complex designs, while the high quality components, carefully chosen after exhaustive listening tests, ensure that as little as possible gets between you and the sound of the original recording.

All CM Series speakers come with aluminium driver trims. Grilles attach magnetically, so there are no unsightly grille-mounting features to spoil the clean lines of the speakers. For the finish, you can choose either one of two real-wood veneers in Rosenut or Wengé, or a highly polished gloss black.

View the CM Series Brochure